Quietly it all begins,
as droplets before a storm,
for in their subtle falling
the future they inform.

As the rain falls lightly,
all is well within my heart
the world glistens in beauty
as we linger at the start.

Except the droplets quicken,
ever faster they must fall,
cascading in all directions,
pounding against my walls.

And as the storm is raging,
I feel it deep inside.
Drowning in darkness and insecure,
I watch my fears collide.

Only, as the thunder rumbles,
and the sky begins to roar
in a lightning flash I see you
caught in my downpour.

But oddly where you stand,
the ground remains still dry
untouched by tribulation
with no regard for the sky.

Yet, I find myself soaking
in all things left unsaid
unable to reconcile
the tempest in my head.

But as the rain keeps falling,
the truth begins to form:
the only way out is further in
to the eye of the storm.